This web-site contains the result of over fifty years of research on various issues upon which I have been interested.

I have always considered very carefully every aspect of those interests.

I have never followed any particular line of ‘established’ thought, nor followed anyone, any political party, religion or anything else.

You are welcome to read my declaration.

Over the years, I have written over 250 articles on all manner of human behaviour..

I have also written, stories, a couple of novels and a great deal of poetry. I draw and paint and play keyboards for which I write my own music. I do not write songs.

Should you wish to comment on any articles you may read my terms and conditions. I value comments on the material as long as they pertain to the particular subject matter. I do not value negative attitudes nor writing that is not properly constructed.

You will not find me on any ‘social’ networking sites.

Comment Terms and Conditions

I would rather not moderate comments. I do not have the time nor inclination to do so. I would like any readers to respect that. Moderation can easily be a form of censorship when ill-used.

Since I am serious when dealing with any issues I will not countenance:

Improper use of English as far as possible, excluding those persons for whom English is not their native language.

The use of acronyms such as ‘lol’, ‘wtf’ and so forth.

The use of ‘emoticons’ or whatever.

Any form of ‘putting down’ of others’ comments.


I enjoy reasoned comments, not those perpetuated by the ‘establishment’ which do not have specific references of forensic evidence for their veracity.

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