Conspiracy Theory theory



Proper grammar for dummies prior to 101.

Whoever coined the term ‘conspiracy theory’ obviously had no knowledge of English grammar.

This applies to those who use it indiscriminately.

I am not talking of US ‘english’, I am talking of U.K./British or whatever, English.

The word ‘conspiracy’ is a noun. A noun is a ‘naming’ word. A noun, therefore is a ‘name’ for something.

The word ‘theory’ is also a noun.

The expression ‘conspiracy theory’ is using the word ‘conspiracy’ as an adjective. Therefore it is not a properly constructed phrase/expression.

A noun, does not and cannot (according to English grammar) describe a noun.

A word that describes a noun, is an adjective.

Therefore the expression ‘conspiracy theory’ is redundant or a nonsense.

The expression should be thus: A theory of a conspiracy.

Thus it can be scientifically (observation or experimentation) tested.

The fact that the expression ‘conspiracy theory’ has apparently entered the language as a noun-noun phrase means this it can be used as a weapon (label) against those who may or may not agree with a certain situation of contention, whereby this relegates an individual or individuals as anathema to a project that is clearly anathema to human survival. In other words, dissension to an ‘official’ view may be (to be kind) regarded as a criminal act based upon the laws of the ‘overlords’, whomsoever they may be or to whom they serve for whatever reason.

Further, no-one can be described as a ‘conspiracy theorist’ since such a person cannot be found…

To engage in dissent of a controlling mechanism is not a heresy. Peter K. Sharpen

Here endeth the English lesson…


The War Words of Medicine


It strikes me as humourous that the use of ‘war’ words is so prevalant when talking of ‘disease’.

Does this say something about our heritage?

Let’s take a look.

We have:
‘bad’ germs (bacteria and not proven viruses)/cholesterol etc.

‘battles’ with ‘cancer’

‘stabbing’ pains

‘robbing’ us of our health

‘beating’ a cold

‘fighting’ infection

‘war’ on ‘disease’

‘invasive enemies’

‘negative’ results

‘barrage’ of drugs


‘aggressive’ ‘disease’

armoury/arsenal of drugs

‘attack’ on the (bogus) ‘immune system’

magic ‘bullet’ (pill)

‘campaigns’ against ‘diseases’

‘casualty’ of ‘disease’

‘combat’ ‘disease’


‘defence’ against…

‘defences’ (the bogus ‘immune’ system)

‘destroy’ (kill, maim…especially non-existent ‘germs’ and ‘viruses’)

‘encounter’ (usually something inexplicable)

front line (as in: ‘We are in the front line of medical research’.)


outbreak (as in a pandemonium, sorry pandemic)

‘quest’ for a ‘cure’ (meaning it is as harder to find a ‘cure’ than the Holy Grail)

‘regime’ for a ‘diet’ or ‘management’ of a ‘disease’ (meaning, it looks good)

‘resistance’ to ‘infection’

scare (as in: any diagnosis usually created from thin air)

strategy (as in: ‘We don’t know what to do’.)

suffering (the effect of toxic injections/pills, slash and burn)

suppression (usually of the body’s self-healing processes)

‘surrender’ (meaning die)

‘survivor’ (meaning they got away with it)

‘suspect(ed)’ (meaning probably not)

thwart the onset (meaning: trying everything to stop something they don’t understand)

uniform (meaning global unhealth programmes)


vulnerability (meaning ignorance (lack of data) being treated by the more ignorant (wrong data))

weapon (meaning anything prescribed is a potential killing machine)

It makes you think…


One has to ask oneself why we eat.

Why do we eat?


We eat because our bodies need nutrition. The body requires certain ‘elements’ to aid survival.

Of course, nutrition also relies upon the ‘energy’ of the sun to transform what we eat into what the body needs to survive.

Whatever we call ‘vitamins’, ‘minerals’ and so forth are only elements that the body requires (whether flora or fauna) and are ongoing processes which aid any survival.

How we ingest our ‘food’ is vital to our survival.

Nature (or the universe-at-large) provides all that is necessary in small doses so long as we accept the notion.

Healthy people do not get sick.

We may assume (by the fact that we are in the here and now) that anyone less ancient than ourselves, were able to survive otherwise we would not be here, now, without their survival mechanisms.

As far as we can know, our ancestors, when they created ‘fire’, discovered that some heated food, rather than ‘raw’  was more adaptable to their intestines that direct raw food. We would otherwise be ‘cannibals’ or directly responsible for consuming fresh-killed animals.

So-called ‘human-kind’ adapted from these proto-beings and  adapted to ‘cooking’ or ‘heating’ their food through the adaptation of  creating ‘fire’, over which they ‘cooked’ their food.

Cooking and heating are not the same.

One might easily, I suppose, contest the issue of ‘heating’ and ‘cooking’.

They are not the same.

Cooking is ‘heating’ (if you will) from the outside (via our beloved ancestors) of food.

This method was/is an obvious and ‘natural’ method of preparing food for digestive processes. We have also adapted to this process. It obviously must have ‘worked’ because a great deal of us are still ‘here’ to contemplate the notion.

The invention of the ‘micro-wave’ oven has led to the current levels of ‘obesity’.

Obesity is the inability of the human organism to adapt to the heating of food from the ‘inside’.

‘Heating’ and ‘cooking’ are not the same thing.

‘Cooking’ is the transference of what we call ‘heat’ into something the body perceives as nutritional and can be thus processed by that body to provide the nutrients required for its survival.

‘Heating’ is to impart a further ‘value’ of that nutrition’ (or at least part of it) to that end. The ‘value’ is necessarily negative because the original ‘value’ may or will be lost in the ‘re-heating’.

‘Heating’ food, for example by microwaves, in the first instance, is not to provide nutritional ‘food’ but to merely ‘make it perceived as ’hot’ or ‘warm’ (depending on individual perspectives or physical acuities).

Misnamed micro-wave ‘ovens’ are therefore ‘heaters’.

They ‘heat’ from the inside of a product. They heat by manipulating the original ingredients into potential (to be kind) substances which an organism is ill-adapted to consume and therefore leads to the present situation whereby the consumers of the products of microwave irradiation succumb to the effects.

One of which is obesity.

In a word, microwave ‘cooking’ produces toxicity to a body (flora or fauna).

Obesity is ‘caused’ (if you will) by the inability of a body to adapt to non-nutritional foods irradiated by heaters of their supposed sustenance from which they are to derive their longevity or survival.

Jesus Lives!


Warning! This transcript is not for the closed-minded but is non-denominational satire. Your beliefs are your own.

Daily Grail correspondent Angela Arch-Gabriel managed to track down the elusive Saviour who is now living Everywhere in a secret location in a ‘born-yet-again’ fashion and close to a Hub of Religious Fanaticism (H.O.R.F.) apparently pervading Western so-called ‘culture’.

We are pleased to give you a complete transcript interview with this enigmatic myth in the true style of modern media.

You can also view the video on YourTube*, in the Tube* and on the tube*, depending on your requirements and the availabilty of the services and the technological devices you own or can view over an unsuspecting shoulder. There are also pod-casts and worm-casts; i-pods, pea pods and seed pods. There are also i-pads, knee pads, sanitary………. for any senses you may have left after medication of any sort.

*Please note that CGI (Computer-generated imagery) is now mandatory for most ‘modern’ video so your vision of Jesus may not be the same as others.

You can also follow Jesus on Twittering to hear about His latest miracles and be a friend of Jesus on Facelessbook and other anti-social networking sites. Follow, like or dislike. You know it makes sense.

Any errors of typography in the following transcript will be due to the fact that Angela’s word-processor failed or she had to change the ribbon on her 1960 Olivetti typewriter as she can only type at ten words per minute (w.p.m.) using full or proper words and not indecipherable acronyms.

Transcript begins:

Angela: Hello, Jesus.

Jesus: Hello, Angela.

Angela: You have apparently been ‘born again’; could you please explain that?

Jesus: Well, Angela, that is the nature of my ‘being’. Without constant resurrection, I would be dead in the ground, as it were, is and always will be.

Angela: Your last visit was over two thousand years ago. Where have you been since then?

Jesus: Not quiet, let me assure you. I have a cross to bear, may I remind you. I have been very busy putting up posters proclaiming that I am still alive in nearly every church I have ‘come’ upon (if you will excuse the vernacular). Not all churches are the same, they don’t always recognise me as The Saviour of humankind, despite the fact that my namesakes have the same attributes…

Angela: What do you mean?

Jesus: Well, there are other religions who do not accept my presence or presents. Monotheism is a difficult concept for a lot of people. It even excludes (may I say it) the Truth of my Dad.

Angela: ‘Dad’ being God?

Jesus: Of course!

Angela: Let me ask you another question. You were crucified upon a cross. You were lain in a cave, of sorts. You were resurrected after three days. How come you are still here?

Jesus: My dear Angela. I had several ‘doubles’. Don’t you think that Dad, after all his mistakes didn’t think of that one? I had a lot of followers (there are no leaders, by the way). Some of them would have given their life for me. One did. He was stapled to a wooden cross and died pretty well, as far as I know for those who ‘get off’ on pain and anguish. It did rather well for the artistic fraternity, as well, I believe.

Angela: How did you escape the persecution?

Jesus: Well, after the Last Supper, which was actually my first, (since I had always been very poor), I managed to slip out by the bucket they used as a toilet (no-one was very flushed), and made it outside. There, a miracle happened and I was whisked away by my mother. She was the first Virgin Airlines.

Angela: What happened then?

Jesus: I must admit that I had a bit of a rest, even though Dad was working 24/7/365, I was still quite young. I know I was born when I was thirty but a year’s ministrations with total strangers was enough for me, anything longer would have created havoc with the astrological calendar. For me prophet was profit. Miracles were no cure for my ego. Raising the dead with plain flour instead of self-raising and inventing stories of Good Samaritans, took their toll.

Angela: You mentioned miracles. What sort of miracles did you do?

Jesus: That’s pretty complicated. Turning water into wine is one thing. Trying to walk on water, especially in these sandals, is very difficult. Trying to find food for thousands (I believe five) is another. What the impinging of a male sexual organ into the female counterpart could I do, saviour or not? Dad created the place in six bloomin’ days! What could I do? By Saturday, He was knackered! It seems I was left to do the deal with the Universe on my own!

Angela: To move on. How did you come by the name ‘Christ’?

Jesus: Well ‘Christ’ is actually a monicker for a position, that of a sort of ‘king’. So really, I should be referred to a Jesus the Christ. The word should not be taken as a surname.

Angela: You mentioned you were born when you were thirty years old. What did you mean by that?

Jesus: Well the early records of my birth were a travesty of misinformation being scratched on bits of stone by the illiterati with other bits of stone. Nazareth was actually little more than a watering hole, if it was there at all. There is no archaeological evidence for its existence. Even so, water was even more difficult to find than a stable. So I decided to make my birthday thirty years later and leave it enigmatically at that. I didn’t begin my ministry until then and that was only for a year. It was a sort of sabbatical from woodwork.

Angela: So where were you born?

Jesus: In the minds of men from previous stories they had heard. People used to tell stories around camp fires. It got pretty cold in the desert at night and anything for a laugh even if you were philosophical. You know; camp stories, camp food and drink, camp blokes…

Angela: What happened during the forty days and forty nights in the desert?

Jesus: A bit of a mistake, that. I actually got lost. I almost lost my marbles as well as my way. It was a difficult time watching all those carrion crows flying about and not knowing which direction to go. However, it did add to my mystique and that was a blessing, as it were.

Angela: There has been talk that you got married. How true is that?

Jesus: Well, I didn’t really have much time for women, it being a man’s world and I had all these disciples following me around like a bad smell and chucking unfortunates in the river for a wash as they were well past their smell-by-date. There were twelve of them, you know. As for marriage, well I won’t dwell on that, I’ll leave that for the speculators.

Angela: Are you still carrying on with your Good Works?

Jesus: As far as I know but the World is not good. Even Dad has to accept that his first efforts with this planet were a bit of a failure. I really haven’t been much of a help and I suppose I have been relying on all the old stuff holding up for too long.

Angela: Do you have any projects lined up for the future?

Jesus: Not really. It’s a full-time job keeping up with the past. After two thousand years, it may be time for my retirement, I suppose. Another couple of thousand years or so, perhaps forever; who knows. I would still carry on the P.R. work, of course.

Angela: Well, we appreciate your timeless.

Transcript ends.

Author: Peter K. Sharpen (C) 2013

Natural ‘Antibiotic’



Although named as an ‘antibiotic’ this recipe is no such thing.

Antibiotics are not Natural; they prevent the body from healing itself, which is Natural.

This preparation is a Natural booster for those deprived of decent food intake and sunshine to create the best environment for bodily functions.

Ingredients with notes:
(One level cup of each)  (1cup is 240ml)

Note: The amounts are not critical.

1.    Horse radish (fresh).
One bunch should be enough. Remove any foliage. Do not peel.
2.    Garlic
Two large cloves.
Remove outer covering of the bulb, keeping cloves whole, that is, do not peel.
3.    Ginger
One half a root should be enough.
Must be fresh, firm and smooth. The length of the tubers indicated how mature it is. The more mature, the hotter it is.             Clean but do not peel as it will be grated/blended/liquidised.
4.    Chilli (must be Habernaro or Red-eye)
10 or 11 fruits. Remove any growth but do not peel.
5.    White onions (The hottest ones available)
2 large white onions (UK are hotter than Spanish)
Remove outer covering only.
6.    Apple cider vinegar (unprocessed, cloudy i.e with the ‘mother’)
I litre (two pints) is adequate
Can be hard to find but persist.

I have endeavoured to give the closest approximation for a level cup measure. Slightly more or less won’t really matter; this is a powerful brew!

Note: Just out of interest, it has cost me 15.00GBP to make 2 litres, which includes postage on the chillies and vinegar, which I could/might not get locally.

Note: Chillies may be bought here:
Cider may be bought here:

Other equipment:
Fine grater or blender (a blender is obviously easier!)
Tall glass jar (1 litre) (will be 2/3 filled to allow for expansion)
Dropper bottles (50mls) (available from most chemists)
Small funnel
Disposable gloves
Dishes for the grated/blended ingredients


Note: After removing any foliage, wash the ingredients in some apple-cider vinegar. Itself is a         natural antibiotic. A great deal of tap-water is fluoridated, which is what we don’t want!

Use disposable gloves! All these ingredients are very potent!

1.    Chop ingredients 1-5 as fine as possible or use a blender. Grate or blend each ingredient separately to ensure     correct amount (one cupful). You don’t have to clean the blender after each ingredient!
2.    Put mixture into a glass jar/s. A jar, I believe is a quart or approx. 1 litre.
3.    Fill to 2/3 of glass jar with the mixture and add Apple cider vinegar (unprocessed, cloudy) allowing         about an inch (2.5cm) below the neck of the jar, this will to allow for any expansion. Cover.
4.    Shake well.
5.    Label bottle with ‘Natural Antibiotic’ and with the date of bottling.
6.    Shake every morning and night for 2 to 3 weeks.

After 2-3 weeks:
1.    Strain through clean cotton fabric until clear of sediment.
Important Notes: You can also strain through unbleached coffee filters, the method I used to                 start with. I put the filter into a funnel (a wide spout if you can get one) and poured the mixture through it         into a glass container.

However, actually doing the filtering can take a long time. I found the best thing to do was to allow the concentrate     to settle by itself. It takes about a day for the sediment to settle properly, leaving a clear liquid above.
After that, carefully draw off the solution, leaving the sediment as much as possible. This may also take some time     but the end result is better. Keep drawing off the liquid until it is as clear as possible and finally put the lot through     another filter.

2.     Pour into dropper bottles (usually 50ml), using a small funnel.

Note: A litre bottle/jar of the mixture makes about 1 pint (1/2litre) of juice.

The resultant mixture can be stored in a dark, dry cupboard or a refrigerator, for up to 2 years. However, it is like whisky (for example) and ages well.

Adults: 2 droppers-full placed under the tongue, left for a few seconds and then washed down with a small gllass of water (not essential but it’s pretty warm!). Repeat 2-3 times per day as often as symptoms require.
Children: 1 dropper-full placed under the tongue, left for a few seconds and then washed down with a glass of water (probably essential). Repeat 2-3 times per day as often as symptoms require.


This preparation is not my invention.

According to from whence it came, the details of my acquiring it are now lost to the mists of time. As far as I can remember, it was a recipe derived from the conditions of the Great Plague in London.

My thanks to the originator.


My hopes for your welfare.