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Natural ‘Antibiotic’



Although named as an ‘antibiotic’ this recipe is no such thing.

Antibiotics are not Natural; they prevent the body from healing itself, which is Natural.

This preparation is a Natural booster for those deprived of decent food intake and sunshine to create the best environment for bodily functions.

Ingredients with notes:
(One level cup of each)  (1cup is 240ml)

Note: The amounts are not critical.

1.    Horse radish (fresh).
One bunch should be enough. Remove any foliage. Do not peel.
2.    Garlic
Two large cloves.
Remove outer covering of the bulb, keeping cloves whole, that is, do not peel.
3.    Ginger
One half a root should be enough.
Must be fresh, firm and smooth. The length of the tubers indicated how mature it is. The more mature, the hotter it is.             Clean but do not peel as it will be grated/blended/liquidised.
4.    Chilli (must be Habernaro or Red-eye)
10 or 11 fruits. Remove any growth but do not peel.
5.    White onions (The hottest ones available)
2 large white onions (UK are hotter than Spanish)
Remove outer covering only.
6.    Apple cider vinegar (unprocessed, cloudy i.e with the ‘mother’)
I litre (two pints) is adequate
Can be hard to find but persist.

I have endeavoured to give the closest approximation for a level cup measure. Slightly more or less won’t really matter; this is a powerful brew!

Note: Just out of interest, it has cost me 15.00GBP to make 2 litres, which includes postage on the chillies and vinegar, which I could/might not get locally.

Note: Chillies may be bought here:
Cider may be bought here:

Other equipment:
Fine grater or blender (a blender is obviously easier!)
Tall glass jar (1 litre) (will be 2/3 filled to allow for expansion)
Dropper bottles (50mls) (available from most chemists)
Small funnel
Disposable gloves
Dishes for the grated/blended ingredients


Note: After removing any foliage, wash the ingredients in some apple-cider vinegar. Itself is a         natural antibiotic. A great deal of tap-water is fluoridated, which is what we don’t want!

Use disposable gloves! All these ingredients are very potent!

1.    Chop ingredients 1-5 as fine as possible or use a blender. Grate or blend each ingredient separately to ensure     correct amount (one cupful). You don’t have to clean the blender after each ingredient!
2.    Put mixture into a glass jar/s. A jar, I believe is a quart or approx. 1 litre.
3.    Fill to 2/3 of glass jar with the mixture and add Apple cider vinegar (unprocessed, cloudy) allowing         about an inch (2.5cm) below the neck of the jar, this will to allow for any expansion. Cover.
4.    Shake well.
5.    Label bottle with ‘Natural Antibiotic’ and with the date of bottling.
6.    Shake every morning and night for 2 to 3 weeks.

After 2-3 weeks:
1.    Strain through clean cotton fabric until clear of sediment.
Important Notes: You can also strain through unbleached coffee filters, the method I used to                 start with. I put the filter into a funnel (a wide spout if you can get one) and poured the mixture through it         into a glass container.

However, actually doing the filtering can take a long time. I found the best thing to do was to allow the concentrate     to settle by itself. It takes about a day for the sediment to settle properly, leaving a clear liquid above.
After that, carefully draw off the solution, leaving the sediment as much as possible. This may also take some time     but the end result is better. Keep drawing off the liquid until it is as clear as possible and finally put the lot through     another filter.

2.     Pour into dropper bottles (usually 50ml), using a small funnel.

Note: A litre bottle/jar of the mixture makes about 1 pint (1/2litre) of juice.

The resultant mixture can be stored in a dark, dry cupboard or a refrigerator, for up to 2 years. However, it is like whisky (for example) and ages well.

Adults: 2 droppers-full placed under the tongue, left for a few seconds and then washed down with a small gllass of water (not essential but it’s pretty warm!). Repeat 2-3 times per day as often as symptoms require.
Children: 1 dropper-full placed under the tongue, left for a few seconds and then washed down with a glass of water (probably essential). Repeat 2-3 times per day as often as symptoms require.


This preparation is not my invention.

According to from whence it came, the details of my acquiring it are now lost to the mists of time. As far as I can remember, it was a recipe derived from the conditions of the Great Plague in London.

My thanks to the originator.


My hopes for your welfare.

Fences and Stolen Lands


Because of the nature of the environment when Man first came from the trees, or wherever, he was a nomadic creature. He, with his (probable) group, needed to wander to find suitable shelter and food. As food was more often than not on the move, he needed to move with it.

If  he settled in one place because that place provided his needs (at least for a while), he needed to construct a device to contain his group and keep out those elements that were a danger to him, after all, he was prey as well. So he first found a cave and then built fences.

Fences are strange things. They can be made of anything handy to KEEP THINGS OUT and KEEP THINGS IN.

As physical structures, they do that, even today (mostly).

When societies grew, the fenced domains remained (unless the inhabitants had moved) but the borders of those fenced encampments grew. However, unlike physical fences, borders are not really physical, except perhaps for mountains and such-like.

A fence is usually, anything you can’t easily climb over.

Encampments expanded and became territories, bounded  most often by no physical means. Thus disputes would result in some form of altercations or fighting to gain more territory and feeding grounds depending on the skills of the invaders. This was because fence-building would have become more difficult in the long run (pun intended). All animals react in the same way, even now, of course. If there is no immediate threat, then the territory can expand.

Thus invasions began along borders of territories (where possible) with the weapons of warfare on the basis of  ‘I’m bigger and better equipped than you’, syndrome.

However, the ‘fence’ mentality still prevailed in many people’s minds and still does today, especially in people who want to retain their own fences (for seclusion as well as defence) and/but have no wish to invade others’.

The unfortunate thing about today (and many years ago especially with exploration of the planet) is that there are a great number of people who were and still are nomadic, in the original sense as described above. Examples are the natives of Africa, the Red Indians and the Australian or New Zealand aborigines.

These peoples were still nomadic and in truth, remain so (they have just been contained on some sort of reservation). So, being nomadic, they did not have fences and still do not;  they did not need them because they were and are of no use to them; there is no concept of them at all.

Then came the ‘Fence People’ from Europe (for example). They know that fences are meant more to keep things OUT rather than keep things IN (apart from enclosures for animals, for example), so that they less often invade them. Naturally the ‘in’ or ‘out’ depends on the perspective.

However, the mentality accrued, such that  if there were no fences, the land was open game for settlement. Hence the stealing of land. If it is fenced it is less likely that it will be invaded because it belongs to someone and it would be stealing. If it is not fenced, then it doesn’t belong to anybody, so it is not stealing.

But it is, of course stealing and, apparently, that matters not a jot to these invading peoples.

The notion, thus prevailing was that ‘if it ain’t fenced, the land is up for grabs’. This is not the only motive for land-grabbing, of course.

So Europeans stole ‘Africa’, the ‘Americas’, ‘Australia’ and many, many other indigenous peoples’ lands because there were no fences.

Fences may also be a form of self-preservation and exist in the mind as a non-tangible.

Thus one might construct a mental fence (or barrier) against what is invading a personal space. One might want to keep out an idea that is disagreeable and contain an idea that is agreeable.

The only difference being the tangibility.

As Man became more centralised (even in small groups) the notion of ‘fencing’ became more prevalent and may even be extrapolated to the conditions which prevail today. The first step was what we call ‘industrialisation’. This led to larger factories, for example and the need for tenement-type dwellings to house the workers, even in farming communities (the so-called ‘Agricultural Revolution’), the bane of the countryside.

The politics of ‘containment’ cannot be overlooked, either and this notion of ‘fencing’ may also be applied through subjection of peoples to ideologies, advertising and so forth.

Free books

I am adding free books,  if anyone is interested in reading comments on somewhat controversial subjects.

I have included my articles and my poetry written over the last 50 years.

These works are all copyright but are given freely as my gift to the Universe.

They are in .pdf format and may be downloaded.

If any quotations are used they must be in context and unaltered, with my name attached. Please respect.

I hope they can shed some light into an ever darkening World.

For myself, I prefer the natural earth.


Peace and health (but not out of a bottle).

Everyone needs…

(Peter K Sharpen)

Everyone needs a friend.
Everyone needs someone to talk to.
Everyone needs to be heard.
Everyone needs to discover their father.
Everyone needs to love something.
Everyone needs failures to succeed.
Everyone needs a goal.
Everyone needs some love.
Everyone needs some positive critique.
Everyone needs encouragement.
Everyone needs a ‘put up’ not a ‘put down’.
Everyone needs a truth.
Everyone needs a ‘hand up’ not a ‘hand out’.
Everyone needs a faith in real terms.
Everyone needs respect; but it is earned.
Everyone needs a sense of humour.
Everyone needs to laugh.
Everyone needs to cry.
Everyone needs a good rest.
Everyone needs to dream.
Everyone needs to protect someone.
Everyone needs to feel protected.
Everyone needs to give something positive.
Everyone needs to be forgiven, unconditionally.
Everyone needs not to be controlled by others.
Everyone needs sanctity.
Everyone needs their space.
Everyone needs their own place of quiet.
Everyone needs a gift.
Everyone needs to give.
Everyone needs …

The Deadliest Weapon of Mass Destruction

the hypodermic syringe

You may want to read this first for a history only. Wikipedia is notorious for redefining anything credible.


The hypodermic syringe is, in my view at least, the deadliest weapon of mass destruction to be foisted upon living creatures.

Its ubiquitous use in regards to ‘health’ is of profound concern.

Its job is to penetrate the skin (epidermis) and find either a blood vessel or muscle into which ‘something’ might be introduced into a body.

The intrusion in a body system and its accuracy at finding its target is subject to the accuracy of the person so injecting. A miss is absolutely as good as any mile.

The skin (epidermis) is the largest organ of the body. It is that covering which protects everything beneath it and pretty much holds the body together.

In order for the body to maintain its integrity as a whole, it should never be punctured except in dire emergencies, or perhaps by mishap (a biting creature, for example).

To deliberately puncture the skin is a cardinal sin. It is also a surgical procedure which should require the consent of the injectee (for want of a better word).

A snake (or any other natural creature, e.g a mosquito) does not ‘deliberately’ puncture the skin. Feeding is a natural function of survival.

So-called ‘modern’ medicine is patently not about survival. Iatrogenic deaths (deaths cause by physicians) are tantamount to genocide.

Since ‘modern’ allopathic medicine is based on the patently false ‘germ’ theory, there is very little need to bypass the protective layer of the body and inject material for the prevention of symptoms.

The dangers of this practice abound. People are becoming pin-cushions for spurious practices, not for the health of the ‘patient’, despite claims to the contrary.

The first danger is ‘surgical shock’, the ‘AH!’ as the needle enters, defying your perhaps previous karma (even if you were trained in the practice) inherent in all punctures of the skin whether by various creatures or allopathic violence. For violence it certainly is. The worst scenario for shock is anaphylactic shock, causing death.

The skin is the point at which the normally self-healing body removes toxic material from the body, hence eruptions on the skin in various ‘diseases’ which are actually the modus operandi of self-healing, not the other way around as we are pitifully told.

Other methods of self-healing (which go on continuously throughout life) are coughing, sneezing and so on. These are the self-ejection of matter foreign to the body’s terrain. These are not, therefore, symptoms of disease, only healing.

The deadliest use of these weapons (hypodermic syringes) is in ‘vaccination’.

Perfectly healthy bodies are subjected to the surgical insertion of toxic matter based upon known false ‘science’. The skin is there because it prevents foreign matter entering the terrain. Usurping this is a criminal act, especially without the consent of the injectee.

Do not believe that those who pretend that they look after your health don’t know this. Why don’t they vaccinate their own children?

Only the pharmalogical companies know what is in their vaccines. Certainly, whatever it is, is not natural for the body and is therefore a toxin.

There are many ways of keeping healthy. It is not ‘rocket’ science, merely a common sense of what and what not to imbibe.

The responsibility is individual. Young individuals and those who have a defect of Nature are the responsibility of the parents. That responsibility should regard the stabbing of their siblings as a very serious project.

The vulnerbale should be left alone from this practice of being injected with a cocktail of toxins, the effects of multiple ‘dosing’ is not known because it is not studied, nor then, taught.

There is no ‘one size fits all’ because we are all individuals, none the same.

Those who rely upon others to maintain their health have only themselves to blame and suffer the consequences.

That is why I write these essays (as do many other people, of course) but there are often vested interests of some kind in the recipe.

Personally, I have never been political, religious,  or any other label. I follow no-one.