The Deadliest Weapon of Mass Destruction

the hypodermic syringe

You may want to read this first for a history only. Wikipedia is notorious for redefining anything credible.

The hypodermic syringe is, in my view at least, the deadliest weapon of mass destruction to be foisted upon living creatures.

Its ubiquitous use in regards to ‘health’ is of profound concern.

Its job is to penetrate the skin (epidermis) and find either a blood vessel or muscle into which ‘something’ might be introduced into a body.

The intrusion in a body system and its accuracy at finding its target is subject to the accuracy of the person so injecting. A miss is absolutely as good as any mile.

The skin (epidermis) is the largest organ of the body. It is that covering which protects everything beneath it and pretty much holds the body together.

In order for the body to maintain its integrity as a whole, it should never be punctured except in dire emergencies, or perhaps by mishap (a biting creature, for example).

To deliberately puncture the skin is a cardinal sin. It is also a surgical procedure which should require the consent of the injectee (for want of a better word).

A snake (or any other natural creature, e.g a mosquito) does not ‘deliberately’ puncture the skin. Feeding is a natural function of survival.

So-called ‘modern’ medicine is patently not about survival. Iatrogenic deaths (deaths cause by physicians) are tantamount to genocide.

Since ‘modern’ allopathic medicine is based on the patently false ‘germ’ theory, there is very little need to bypass the protective layer of the body and inject material for the prevention of symptoms.

The dangers of this practice abound. People are becoming pin-cushions for spurious practices, not for the health of the ‘patient’, despite claims to the contrary.

The first danger is ‘surgical shock’, the ‘AH!’ as the needle enters, defying your perhaps previous karma (even if you were trained in the practice) inherent in all punctures of the skin whether by various creatures or allopathic violence. For violence it certainly is. The worst scenario for shock is anaphylactic shock, causing death.

The skin is the point at which the normally self-healing body removes toxic material from the body, hence eruptions on the skin in various ‘diseases’ which are actually the modus operandi of self-healing, not the other way around as we are pitifully told.

Other methods of self-healing (which go on continuously throughout life) are coughing, sneezing and so on. These are the self-ejection of matter foreign to the body’s terrain. These are not, therefore, symptoms of disease, only healing.

The deadliest use of these weapons (hypodermic syringes) is in ‘vaccination’.

Perfectly healthy bodies are subjected to the surgical insertion of toxic matter based upon known false ‘science’. The skin is there because it prevents foreign matter entering the terrain. Usurping this is a criminal act, especially without the consent of the injectee.

Do not believe that those who pretend that they look after your health don’t know this. Why don’t they vaccinate their own children?

Only the pharmalogical companies know what is in their vaccines. Certainly, whatever it is, is not natural for the body and is therefore a toxin.

There are many ways of keeping healthy. It is not ‘rocket’ science, merely a common sense of what and what not to imbibe.

The responsibility is individual. Young individuals and those who have a defect of Nature are the responsibility of the parents. That responsibility should regard the stabbing of their siblings as a very serious project.

The vulnerbale should be left alone from this practice of being injected with a cocktail of toxins, the effects of multiple ‘dosing’ is not known because it is not studied, nor then, taught.

There is no ‘one size fits all’ because we are all individuals, none the same.

Those who rely upon others to maintain their health have only themselves to blame and suffer the consequences.

That is why I write these essays (as do many other people, of course) but there are often vested interests of some kind in the recipe.

Personally, I have never been political, religious,  or any other label. I follow no-one.


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