One has to ask oneself why we eat.

Why do we eat?


We eat because our bodies need nutrition. The body requires certain ‘elements’ to aid survival.

Of course, nutrition also relies upon the ‘energy’ of the sun to transform what we eat into what the body needs to survive.

Whatever we call ‘vitamins’, ‘minerals’ and so forth are only elements that the body requires (whether flora or fauna) and are ongoing processes which aid any survival.

How we ingest our ‘food’ is vital to our survival.

Nature (or the universe-at-large) provides all that is necessary in small doses so long as we accept the notion.

Healthy people do not get sick.

We may assume (by the fact that we are in the here and now) that anyone less ancient than ourselves, were able to survive otherwise we would not be here, now, without their survival mechanisms.

As far as we can know, our ancestors, when they created ‘fire’, discovered that some heated food, rather than ‘raw’  was more adaptable to their intestines that direct raw food. We would otherwise be ‘cannibals’ or directly responsible for consuming fresh-killed animals.

So-called ‘human-kind’ adapted from these proto-beings and  adapted to ‘cooking’ or ‘heating’ their food through the adaptation of  creating ‘fire’, over which they ‘cooked’ their food.

Cooking and heating are not the same.

One might easily, I suppose, contest the issue of ‘heating’ and ‘cooking’.

They are not the same.

Cooking is ‘heating’ (if you will) from the outside (via our beloved ancestors) of food.

This method was/is an obvious and ‘natural’ method of preparing food for digestive processes. We have also adapted to this process. It obviously must have ‘worked’ because a great deal of us are still ‘here’ to contemplate the notion.

The invention of the ‘micro-wave’ oven has led to the current levels of ‘obesity’.

Obesity is the inability of the human organism to adapt to the heating of food from the ‘inside’.

‘Heating’ and ‘cooking’ are not the same thing.

‘Cooking’ is the transference of what we call ‘heat’ into something the body perceives as nutritional and can be thus processed by that body to provide the nutrients required for its survival.

‘Heating’ is to impart a further ‘value’ of that nutrition’ (or at least part of it) to that end. The ‘value’ is necessarily negative because the original ‘value’ may or will be lost in the ‘re-heating’.

‘Heating’ food, for example by microwaves, in the first instance, is not to provide nutritional ‘food’ but to merely ‘make it perceived as ’hot’ or ‘warm’ (depending on individual perspectives or physical acuities).

Misnamed micro-wave ‘ovens’ are therefore ‘heaters’.

They ‘heat’ from the inside of a product. They heat by manipulating the original ingredients into potential (to be kind) substances which an organism is ill-adapted to consume and therefore leads to the present situation whereby the consumers of the products of microwave irradiation succumb to the effects.

One of which is obesity.

In a word, microwave ‘cooking’ produces toxicity to a body (flora or fauna).

Obesity is ‘caused’ (if you will) by the inability of a body to adapt to non-nutritional foods irradiated by heaters of their supposed sustenance from which they are to derive their longevity or survival.


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