Conspiracy Theory theory



Proper grammar for dummies prior to 101.

Whoever coined the term ‘conspiracy theory’ obviously had no knowledge of English grammar.

This applies to those who use it indiscriminately.

I am not talking of US ‘english’, I am talking of U.K./British or whatever, English.

The word ‘conspiracy’ is a noun. A noun is a ‘naming’ word. A noun, therefore is a ‘name’ for something.

The word ‘theory’ is also a noun.

The expression ‘conspiracy theory’ is using the word ‘conspiracy’ as an adjective. Therefore it is not a properly constructed phrase/expression.

A noun, does not and cannot (according to English grammar) describe a noun.

A word that describes a noun, is an adjective.

Therefore the expression ‘conspiracy theory’ is redundant or a nonsense.

The expression should be thus: A theory of a conspiracy.

Thus it can be scientifically (observation or experimentation) tested.

The fact that the expression ‘conspiracy theory’ has apparently entered the language as a noun-noun phrase means this it can be used as a weapon (label) against those who may or may not agree with a certain situation of contention, whereby this relegates an individual or individuals as anathema to a project that is clearly anathema to human survival. In other words, dissension to an ‘official’ view may be (to be kind) regarded as a criminal act based upon the laws of the ‘overlords’, whomsoever they may be or to whom they serve for whatever reason.

Further, no-one can be described as a ‘conspiracy theorist’ since such a person cannot be found…

To engage in dissent of a controlling mechanism is not a heresy. Peter K. Sharpen

Here endeth the English lesson…


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